Halloween is around the corner, and you know what that means…

Halloween is around the corner! eeeek! I’m so excited. From the fall decor to the eats and fashion, I’m ready! and I’m loving it. Minus the sniffles and coughs, I can’t wait! You know, I’m dying to do Halloween makeup looks, so I looked around for inspiration and the first thing that made my eyes widen was a textless Batman and Robin [New 52] textless cover. Some of you who actually know me, might laugh. It just had to be the Joker, or it just had to be a comic book reference, lol! Oh well, what’s a dork gonna do, right? To create the look below, I used:

  • Rubie’s creme makeup which can be purchased from any Halloween store or your local store. ( Walmart, Kroger, Five Below, etc.)
  • NYC’s liquid liner in black,
  • Beautique’s lipstick liner in Auburn.

You can use any brand or similar colors to create my look. Believe me, this Halloween makeup took me awhile but it was fun to do. I hope you enjoy this look! If you have any questions or requests, just comment me and I’ll get back to you! xo

Love always,






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