Crystal Aqua.

Does anyone else enjoy glitter as much as I do? I absolutely love it! Whenever I did older youtube videos, I added glitter a lot lol. I don’t use as much glitter nowadays, in fact I hardly use it on my everyday looks or makeup photos, but I still love it so much!  I was going through my eyeliner drawer, and I found NYX’s glitter liner in “Crystal Aqua” this brought back many memories and looks, I had to use it on my makeup tutorial! I think it adds just enough drama but it makes it still subtle enough to wear it out during the day or evening. This look made me feel bold but yet still  pretty. I think this blue shade goes well with brown eyes as well. It makes my eyes pop! Especially with that glitter liner. 😉 I have a good sized NYX purchase that I did, and I will show that to you soon. I’m starting to warm up to NYX, I don’t know why I avoided them for so long, glad I decided to take the chance. Also, not to forget to mention LA Colors, I’m loving my palette still! The smokin’ palette, I used the bright blue from this palette. and the shimmery white color. Unfortunately, you can’t buy LA colors online, unlike their sister brand LA Girl, but here is a list of locations that they sell at. I got my palette at Five Below for only $5. it’s very affordable and the pigmentation is good! So without further ado, Here is my tutorial for you!

and just for giggles, here is a very old video of me, I was a lot younger. By the way, i’m still a fan of Sailor Moon! Here is a video of my Inspired Sailor Jupiter tutorial, featurinnnnng…Glitter!! 😀

Thank you for reading and watching my Youtube tutorials!

Much Love,





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