Two-Face Tutorial.

photogrid_1412637037476       photogrid_1412612112213

Here’s my Two-Face tutorial! this took me a long time to do, from the makeup, It took me almost an hour. from editing, it took me an hour and a half. and about 45 minutes the next day. The footage was crazy long to edit and exhausting. My movie maker crashed down on me once. ( remember to save throughout editing or working!) I almost cried, but thank God it restored. I l woke up with excitement to do this tutorial, I asked my boyfriend the night before for some ideas, when he said Batman villains, my head went crazy! I had to do Harvey Dent (Two Face) from the animated series, super cartoony, super awesome and I had one palette that had all the colors that I needed. I used The Balm’s “On demand” palette, I just love their makeup, their packaging (i’m a sucker for packaging) is super cute, vintage inspired and the colors and color payoff is really awesome. I usually wing my looks, and with really dramatic and full faced looks, like this…I recommend sketching out what you’re going to do or have an idea what you’re going to place colors, etc. I took longer to create this look, by having to erase color in certain spots and work twice as hard, lol. lesson learned. But,  I really enjoyed doing this tutorial for everyone, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. without further ado:

Thank you for watching and reading!

Love Always,


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