Bold girl’s bold NYE look ♥


Here’s my last look of 2014! I used my urban decay electric palette, lorac unzipped palette, and mac’s rose gold pigment for my eyes. to finish off the eyes, I used nyc’s liquid liner and house of lashes’ in bambie. There’s a bold eye + bold lip combo, or for a less dramatic look, a bold eye +nude lip. 🙂 hope you enjoy!

There’s a bold eye + bold lip combo, or for a less dramatic look, a bold eye +nude lip. 🙂 hope you enjoy!

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Sneak Peek: Bold girl’s bold NYE! ♥

boldgirl'snye_mmbeauty Here’s a look for you all you bold girls out there! there’s a little shine and there’s a lot of color! on the left is a bold eye + bold lip combo and on the right, if you want a bold look without putting too much color on your face, a nude lip is perfect to balance it out! It’s my last look of 2014! I hope 2015 brings lots of fortune and luck and wonderful health to everyone, and hopefully me too. *crosses fingers* does anyone have any special or big plans? I don’t, unfortunately this year, I have to work both NYE and NYD. 😦 but it’s okay, more money to save! 😉

Holiday Makeup: New Year’s Eve edition♥


I didn’t want to do my usual go to look for New Year’s Eve, silver/smokey with lots and lots of glitter! instead I wanted a different look, but with a little shine from Lorac’s gold eyeshadow. goregous when applied wet. So for this look, I used Lorac’s pro palette, house of lashes in “dollface”, nyc liquid liner, gerad cosmetics cherry cordial lipstick with seduction lipgloss. I still can’t get over Gerad’s lippies! my gosh, they’re incredible. (review coming soon) I made a video tutorial for you, hope you enjoy. 😀



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House of Lashes Review!

houseoflashes_mmbeautyHouse of Lashes Haul&Review!

I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant to order lashes from House of Lashes. I honestly thought they were going to be really expensive, I would see them blown up on my instagram feed, they were so pretty and being shown by the big instagramers, I thought they might have been on the pricey side. Honestly, they are but not that badly to where you can’t splurge a little. Ranging from $7-$20, you can find different styles to suit your needs for a certain look. Anything from theatrical dramatic to glamorous pairs, I really suggest buying from House of Lashes, they’re packaged in paper cases that remind me of cute boutiques. (kudos to you HOL! 😀 ) and the longevity of them is great, my friend has worn a certain pair up to 10 times! but it’s all in how you take care of them. There’s no need to blend your falsies and your natural lashes with these babies, just add mascara to your lashes, curl and apply the HOL false lashes. I didn’t order their adhesive, which I’m slightly regretting, I’ve heard so many great things about it, but I just used my usual lash glue Ardell . One of the best things about these particular brand of lashes, in my opinion is how light they feel, which is important! especially applying them to a friend or client. With this being said, it’s a no brainer giving these a score of 5 out of 5. If you haven’t checked out their website, please do and grab a pair! if you’re curious to see how they look on, check out their hashtag on instagram! #houseoflashes.


I’m using “Dollface” from House of Lashes, I think they’re really pretty on. 🙂

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Haute Chocolate…mmmhhmmm!

hautechoco Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with, Too Faced’s La Belle Carousle palettes?! Lol because I am. The shadows are amazing and beautiful. The palette itself is entirely too cute to pass up on! (show and tell + review later on 😉 ) and the masacara is really awesome. I haven’t tried the bronzer nor blush yet. but I should! (what in the world am I waiting for?! ) To create this look, I used Haute Chocolate, Frost, Tufted Seude, and Yule log. This is another simple tutorial that I made. I hope you enjoy. ♥♥♥♥!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


Dark Winter Tutorial ♥

snowtutorial_mmbeautyHere is my Dark Winter Tutorial! I wanted to add a bit of drama to my lips since my eyes were really light. I’m loving wet n wild’s Vamp it Up lipstick! I need to buy more lipsticks from them. 🙂 In this look, I used House of Lashes falsies in “Feline” I love them! I recently bought several pairs from them, review coming soon! 😀 and I’m in love with my Too Faced la belle carousel palette! (thanks babe!) I love the shadows and mascara, haven’t tried the blush or bronzer yet. I need to! but anyways, i’m rambling hehe, here’s the tutorial, enjoy!!

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