I’ve returned.


Hello everyone,

Thank you to those who continued to follow me even through my absence of blogging and doing maquillage. I’ve missed sharing my thoughts and reviews of awesome finds or beauty related content. Especially when my friend and I have been discussing blogging and it made me miss it even more. I would like to take this blog in a different direction actually. I would like to express myself through not just one channel of passion, I would like to write about my love for baking, cooking, fitness, even discovering healthy and not so healthy dishes. I would love to document some of my life, just to look back on. I think this would be more interesting and be more relatable then just beauty. I would like to get to know some of my readers and I would love to get know you. I hope you enjoy this blog a little more, and I hope you continue to read. Thank you.


P.S. I need to remind myself not to eat and take a beauty photo. there’s something on my chin. 😛



Good morning loves!

Finally getting to wrap up my love’s gift for Valentine’s. 💑💌 Everyday should have an opportunity to express your love 💕 towards someone whether it’s through words, actions, or simple gestures. It should not be only reserved for just a day. Be in the now and appreciate and love your partner and loved ones. P.S. I absolutely adore this wrapping paper. 💖 #loveeachother #lovewins #presents #hallmark #giftwrapping #cantwaittoseehisface