Goals and welcoming 2017 a bit early.

I know a lot of people get annoyed with “A new year, a new me” but why is there so much negative stigma behind this saying? I believe it’s good to want to do something to improve yourself or try something new you haven’t done. It’s almost like doing some spring cleaning, getting rid of things you don’t want or need anymore, dusting your belongings to bring back that shine that was once beaming but is now covered with negligence and is waiting to shine once again. and quite honestly, something that has always been a part of me is making goals. I think it’s very important to create a list of some small and big goals that you can achieve within a day or whatever time span you want. Knocking out a goal makes me feel so powerful and gives me this feeling  I can’t describe. So by welcoming 2017 a bit early, I’ll make a list of what I want to conquer. Here’s mine so far:

  1. Get back into fitness, also with my boyfriend Robinson. (Please babe!)
  2. Find a part time job.
  3. Get a nice place for my boyfriend and I.
  4. Conquer my current position at my full-time job.
  5. Purchase the Canon EOS Rebel  T6i.
  6. Be persistent with blogging + photography
  7. Improve on my makeup and art.
  8. Sell a piece of artwork.
  9. Start my Etsy shop.

What are your goals for the new year?



Cherry Bomb♥


@meltcosmetics The Dark Matter Stack

Crease-unseen + enigma

Outer v- dark matter

Lid- @maccosmetics mythology

Base- @maccosmetics painterly pot

Lashes- @kokolashes goddess

Lips: @gerardcosmetics cherry bomb

Highlight- @gerardcosmetics

Marilyn Star Powder

Blush- @tartecosmetics supreme

I’m in absolute love with Tarte’s blushes and koko lashes! Has anyone tried any of Melt Cosmetic’s eyeshadows or lipsticks? I’m on the fence with their lip products, it was terribly dry in my opinion, and was ultimately rough on my lips. I’m wanting to try their new eyeshadow stacks. By the way, the foundation I’m wearing is Milani’s  Conceal + perfect 2 in 1 foundation + concealer. It is wonderful! It definitely is a good coverage foundation, I don’t even need to use a concealer for my blemishes. The only concealer I use is for my under-eye. This is one of the best ones I’ve used so far. If you have any favorites, please let me know!


Lovely New Items



Seeing any product with the cruelty free symbol makes my heart flutter.♥

Have you tried any of Gerard Cosmetic’s lippies? Cherry bomb and Grape crush has a metallic sheen with a bit of glitter mixed to it.  Both are liquid lipsticks that have great color payoff, but while sipping my drink, my lipstick did smear on the sides, and it did leave lip marks on the glass. If you’re feeling festive, Cherry Bomb is a nice addiction to wear during the holiday season. For a bold and daring look, Grape Crush would be your best option. This liquid lipstick is enough to turn heads but not scare anyone off. I believe this shade will suit anyone. The final shade is Blooming Hibiscus which is a supreme lip creme that slides smoothly on the lips. This is a great color for casual looks and for me, everyday.


Good Morning~

Hello lovelies,

I’m so sorry for the absence! I went through 2 laptops and was so sad when my last one broke! Someone sat on it 😦 I can not wait to blog and share my adventures! I will be back-dating my posts, but of course on my blog it’ll be new content. I hope you enjoy!