Today’s Pickups♥


Finally, I was able to purchase the Selena Collection through MAC.

I was one of the many thousands who signed the petition to have MAC feature a Selena collection. My Queen of Tejano deserves it!


Selena, Queen of Tejano Music♥

I waited and waited for Mac to break the news of a collaboration. it wasn’t until almost a year and a half later that I stumbled across an article written by Harpars Bazaar. I knew at that moment, that my wallet was going to be empty and my boyfriend was going to tease me from my excitement. Fast forward to around September, I called multiple stores in town to see if they would carry the collection, “No, you’ll have to purchase them in the Nashville stores.” I could not travel to another city after work for the collection, so when the collection went live on the official website I had my phone and laptop on me, waiting, clicking, and waiting some more. The site kept crashing every time I tried adding anything to my cart. and then BOOM! hours later, “SOLD OUT” was clear as day, staring right into my soul. A little dramatic, but that’s how it felt. I looked at other retailers, Nordstrom, Belk…I was desperate. It was all sold out. I cried, I was frustrated. Truly, I’m giggling at this moment that I’m confessing, that I did shed a tear or two.  I tried so hard! but then…..Many of us complained, MAC! WHY WEREN’T YOU MORE PREPARED FOR US?! lol of course they heard the many cries and frustration and decided to do a restock! Never in my life, have I heard of MAC doing a restock of any collection. December 29th, The night it came out again, I ordered some!!! Yes, I finally was able to order some Selena makeup. when the lovely mailman came, I opened the package, and SELENA in bright purple packaging hugged my eyes, it was truly love at first site! As always,




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