A lovely weekend in Chattanooga, TN.

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Recapping a moment from 2016; September

A view of the city streets in Chattanooga was priceless. Gazing from the Marriot hotel was gorgeous day or night. My view made me feel alive and grateful for the time away from our town, Even though it wasn’t in a different state, I felt relaxed and free. Waking up next to my boyfriend in a king size bed was amazing, it felt like we were sleeping on clouds, I miss that bed from time to time, i’m not even going to lie! Our first morning was amazing. We ate breakfast at the City Cafe, which honestly we ate there so many times…breakfast…lunch…dinner. hehe It’s really inexpensive and the portions are HUGE. Their menu is diverse with a huge selection of different ethnic foods, anywhere from Mexican to Greek, you’ll have a hard time picking just one dish to eat, so many yummy options. And of course if you want dessert, They have a showcase of baked goods in a rotating glass display and a cold area showing off sinful sweets, it’s so good, it’s bad. 😛 Trust me when I say there’s always a huge line but it’s worth the wait. I didn’t get much photos of our meals, but my boyfriend snapped one:


French toast with ham on the side.

We also ate at different restaurants but the one restaurant that stood out was City Cafe, please check them out, you won’t be disappointed. Overall, Chattanooga is a town to explore and eat cheap and dine well. One of the main attractions is the Chattanooga Aquarium.


One of my favorite parts of the Chattanooga Aquarium was the butterfly garden, so beautiful. This one butterfly with a slight broken wing wouldn’t leave my side. I felt bad, I had to leave it there. Nature is so beautiful, No one can deny that. Jellyfish is another favorite of mine.


So beautiful, I wish I could upload the many different videos of our adventure there.


Selfies with my love. 

For this trip of ours, I packed a small suitcase of both beauty and hair products, Anything from facial wash, masks, hairspray, rollers….everything the whole nine yards….everything except LASH GLUE. I was so annoyed! lol My beautiful lashes just sat cold in my suitcase, I wanted to use them…I bought a specific pair for that trip. 😛


I’ve been rambling so much for this post, but I really enjoyed Chattanooga. This was part II of my favorite memories of 2016.


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