Good Morning, MOTD/ Smashbox Review!


Smashbox Cosmetics, We’ve all heard about this brand before. From their dazzling palettes, to their well known primer, now in Spray form! Their biggest collection out right now is a collaboration featuring Shay Mitchelle for their cover shot palettes, I want them all! the pigmentation in those shadows are amazing, I barely had enough room to swatch them all and they’re selling out like hot cakes. They only had a few left of every palette at ULTA. But, as of right now I’m here to review 3 items.

Step by Step Contour Stick Trio– Retails at $45

In a pack comes 3 shades.  Highlight, Contour, and Bronzer. I did use all three, but I’ve been using these sticks for about 3 weeks now, and I will say, I use mostly the highlight and contour. These glide on so effortlessly  and the texture is quite creamy and blends so well. A little goes a long way.  The pencils are long and are chubby. A sharpener is also included in the packet. I really recommend their Contour Sticks.

Studio Skin 15 Hour Hyrdating Foundation– Retails at $42 

The foundation is on the thinner side but covers so well, it’s definitely build-able but not so much that you have to pack it on. This is a medium to full coverage foundation. This foundation looks amazing in any type of lighting. I was surprised to see how well it photographed. It looks like skin, feels like skin. This doesn’t feel tacky or feel heavy at all. I can tell the difference between, just for comparison my Milani Conceal+Perfect 2 in 1 foundation,    Their foundation is a full coverage foundation, it’s a flawless foundation but it doesn’t give the natural skin look and feels a bit tacky at times, even though it’s one of my favorites, I end up switching to my Smashbox foundation or! Even better, i’ll do a little mixology and mix the two together and blend it into my skin using a beauty blender. Give this foundation a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Be Legendary Long Wear Lip-Lacquer– Retails at $24

Is it tacky? not really, slightly but not enough to complain, kiss proof? No. does it give a stain on the lips? absolutely. I found myself only reapplying once hours later. I ate, drank and wore it out running errands, and it still looked great later on in the evening. The shade I have on is Firecracker, a classic red color. Now, it did bleed a little, you can see in the photos above, what could fix this is a clear wax lip liner.

I hope you enjoyed the post and review!





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