Beauty Pickups♥



In this small haul, most of the purchases where from one of my favorite brands, Essence. It’s really affordable and great in pigmentation. I never skip over this area when I shop at ULTA. The “Light Up Your Face” palette from them is seriously amazing! The highlighters are to die for, and I believe it was around $3.50-5. You seriously can’t beat that.  I also grabbed their make me brow gel mascara.  I love using it when I don’t want to put an effort into filling them in with my normal Anastasia dipbrow. I bought 4 different liners, 2 liquid and 2 that are lip liners. The 2 liquid liners are really good. 1 of them is the skinny liquid felt tip pen, I’ve used this the most. The other was a “2 in 1 eyeliner pen” 1 side has a thin felt tip versus the other being thick. The thick side, eh I feel as though the thinner tip has a better liquid flow and it comes out much darker. The lip liners I purchased were “Cute Pink” and “In the Nude” both swatched nicely. I chose those two colors to match the 3 liquid lipsticks I picked. 2 were the same color, those were selling out like hotcakes. I chose “Almost Real” a gorgeous nude color and ” Make a Statement” a pinky-red. I’ve heard so many things about the brand Makeup Revolution. I was so glad to see that ULTA carried that brand. It was kind of hidden, but most of the goods were gone! I was able to pick up one blush. The pigmentation is really good and it wore great on the skin. I gave into buying Tarte’s Marcuja oil. I’ve seen it so many times and never paid attention to it. What are your uses from it? Any tips are greatly appreciated! I bought one of NYX’s lipliners in Dark Soul, oooooh! that name. It’s a cranberry-deep wine color, Valentine’s Day lips popped into my head. I also threw in a UTLA frosted eyeshadow that can possibly double up as a highlighter! And then, my last purchase was from Urban Decay, a vintage vice throwback. I chose “UV-B” this is a gorgeous periwinkle, baby blue creme lipstick. omgosh, I’m not kidding you, my heart sang. I’m so glad I bought it!


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