Late Post #AntiValentine’s

Good morning loves, I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was fun and full of love. I meant to post this on Tuesday, but I’ve been relaxing after work and watching Bates Motel, I’m currently obsessed with that show, I’m like OBSESSED. lol I started watching it last Friday and now I’m in the middle of season 3, yikes! hehe. Anyways, Here’s the look I did for Anti Valentine’s Day xx



Blue Valentine #AntiValentinesDay Makeup 😝
Transition- @juviasplace Madagascar
Crease- @anastasiabeverlyhills Noir
Lids- @anastasiabeverlyhills Venezia
Top inner corner/ under lash line- @anastasiabeverlyhills
Highlight- @anastasiabeverlyhills – Fresh
Inner corner- @juviasplace zuri
Lips- @toofaced whos zoomin who liquid matte + @anastasiabeverlyhills Venezia eyeshadow
Brows- @anastasiabeverlyhills
Dipbrow in Chocolate
Lashes- salon perfect 614
Highlight- @ultabeauty silk eyeshadow 💕💕
Blush- @maccosmetics painted canyon

The Ulta eyeshadow in Silk is so pretty as a highlighter, You can see how much payoff I get as a highlighter on my cheeks and nose. The best of all, I got this on clearance for a $1. Be adventurous with makeup, just because it’s labeled as a blush doesn’t mean you can’t use it on the lids or as eyebrows 😛 I hope you have a good day.



Valentine’s Day Makeup♥



Base- @lagirlcosmetics white pro primer
Transition- @juviasplace. Madagascar
Under Lash line/Crease-@sugarpill Love
Crease- @juviasplace leyla
Waterline- @lagirlcosmetics white pro liner
Lids- @juviasplace– zuri
Liner- @lorealusa slim liner
Lashes- @kokolashes goddess
Blush- @milanicosmetics dolce pink + @maccosmetics painted canyon
Highlight- @ultabeauty SILK Eyeshadow, BEAUTIFUL COLOR!
Bronzer- @essencemakeup sun bronzer 04
Brows- @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow in Chocolate + @essencemakeup make me brow
Lips- @stilacosmetics rubino+bacca liquid lipstick +transcend

Happy Early Valentine’s Day Everyone!

I hope tomorrow is filled with love, not just tomorrow but everyday for you all. Even if you’re single at the moment, celebrate the day with loved ones or friends. I believe everyday should be a day of love. My boyfriend and I won’t be celebrating until next weekend. We want to avoid the crowds, I can’t wait. We’re supposed to try out a steak house and have a movie date. It’s our usual but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but anyways, I hope you all have a lovely day.


Saturday’s MOTD


The Deets-

I only had 30 mins to do my makeup. Lol🙊
@juviasplace Nubian 2 palette
Transition- Madagascar
Outer V- kenya
Crease- jezebel
Lid- Egypt
Under lash line-Mali
Lashes- Salon Perfect #614
Liner- @essencemakeup super slim liner
Brows- @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow in Chocolate @essencemakeup make me brow
Mascara- @maybelline volum express
Blush’ @wetnwildbeauty ombre blush The Princess Daiquiries @maccosmetics painted canyon
Lips- @stilacosmetics – patina

I seriously only had 30 mins to get my makeup done and 30 mins to dress and take makeup photos. My neighbors probably think I’m vain as heck because I’m snapping away in the front yard and also as we’re pulling off, with the FLASH ON! Lmao! I’m sure they think i’m a little selfie crazy, no worries, I just like taking makeup photos lol. Saturday was such a fun day, My boyfriend and I went to the movies in attempt to watch John Wick 2, which we both saw the first one on Valentine’s Day last time and loved the first one. When we arrived 2 other couples had walked out the theatre. There was no seats for us. That’s 6 people with no seats! Robinson was so frustrated, He had ordered ahead of time on Fandango as well as the other couple did. We ended up being able to switch to watch Lego Batman, which honestly was perfect, we were wanting to watch it next weekend anyways. I loved it! it was so funny and cute. It felt like more of a movie for the adults, not saying it was bad content for the kids, but it felt like a movie for the “big kids” and I’m certainly a big kid.We ended up going to the mall afterwards and I purchased some goodies from F21, Zumiez, and the Hanes Outlet! I did so much shopping, not just at the mall but on Amazon, But no more! lol, I usually don’t spoil myself so it felt good. Until next time, have a good day.


Kick Push♥ The Weekend Pickups-

Does anyone remember this song? When Lupe Fiasco’s first album Food and Liquor came out, I was obsessed. I’ve always wanted to learn how to skate, but I was so scared of getting hurt, I still am. But, I know in the back of my mind, it’s going to happen. I’m going to have bruises and scrapes but hopefully I don’t give up. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Zumiez to pick out a board for me, of course I had one in my mind already, the Sanrio collab with Girl, that came out awhile ago:


Today, I went to Zumiez once again in Nashville and bought myself a nice pair of skate shoes from Lakai. Be aware that these are men shoes hehe, so if you’re a girl, look up the size online or try them out for yourself in the store. My boyfriend also got a deck from Blind:


His came with a red stocking that is sitting on the floor next to him on the right. His was on sale from Christmas, I thought it was cute how the stocking was big enough for the board. Here goes my adventure with learning how to skate, he’s going to be teaching me so let’s go! And by the way, I already busted my ass. Lol! And guess who’s gf got their first skateboard? Louis from FunforLouis on youtube, He’s making me want to visit California so much more, it just looks so pretty and honestly, she’s doing so much better than me, hopefully I gain more confidence getting on the board. hehe.


#MOTD ft. Nubian 2 palette♥


Makeup Deets:

Transition&Crease- Madagascar
Cut Crease- Jezebel, Leyla, Kenya
Middle of lid- Nairobi
Under Laah line- Yaa &Nairobi
Lash line- @marcjacobsbeauty liner in blacquer
Liner- @lorealusa super slim liner
Brows- @ofracosmetics – brown gel liner
Lashes- @salonperfect #614
Mascara- @maybelline volum express
Highlight- @gerardcosmetics marilyn powder
Bronzer- @essencecosmetics
Blush- @wetnwildbeauty The princess daiquiries @maccosmetics painted canyon


 Earlier today I tried doing a cut crease! I haven’t done a cut crease in ages, I wanted to do something new that I usually don’t do, I wish my liner in the inner corner would have been cleaner but overall, I’m excited that I did it! I need a lot more practice but with time and patience, I’ll get there!  I created this look using Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 palette. I love the pigmentation in this palette, it’s too die for! What are your favorite looks to do?


#MOTD featuring Juvia’s Place


Featuring @juviasplace Masquerade Mini Palette! 💕
Deets on the 👀&👄
Base- @maccosmetics painterly pot
All over- Giza
Transition- Burkina
Lids- Bori
Outer V- Zobo /
Under lash line-Zobo
Liner- @lorealusa Infallible super slim liquid liner
Lashes- @kokolashes goddess
Mascara- @maybelline volum express colossal
Lips- @stilacosmetics Baci liquid lipstick Glitterati on top named Transcend


Beauty Pickups ♥Juvia’s Place♥




Juvia’s made sure to bubblewrap the palette inside the box! HUGE Kudos to them! not to mention, they wrapped both palettes in bubblewrap and the box contained packing peanuts!♥


Masquerade Mini vs Nubian 2 palette.



Swatches courtesy of my boyfriend’s arm. 😛  The Masquerade Mini Palette, From Left to Right:


The color payoff in this palette, were so-so, if you can tell in the photo, most of the lighter or neutral shades didn’t swatch too well and maybe 2 of the brighter colors. I only swatched these shadows once. I wanted to show the true pigmentation of these. I did not use a base or any type of primer. These were also swatched with fingers and no brushes. Note that this palette is cheaper than the Nubian 2 palette, even though it has more shades, I’m assuming this is due to the pan sizes. Which is comparable in the photo above. I would say the pan sizes are about the same sizes as your standard MAC shadows.

Retail price- $30.00


The Nubian 2 palette, swatches from left to right:



The color payoff in this palette is amazing, Most of the shadows were swatched only once. There were 2 colors that I messed up swatching, so I ended up doing it twice, but otherwise these shadows within this palette is nothing short of amazing, I can’t wait to do a look with both of these palettes, My face has finally calmed down after the weekend (if you read my last post) Yay! Can’t wait to do one.

Retail price- $35

You can always catch a deal on these palettes and watch out for bundle deals, they have them on sale now! 

This company is cruelty free and most of their products are vegan! The only palette that is not is the Saharan Palette.

Ordering and Shipping-

I placed an order on January 27th and received my palettes on February 1st. That is amazing to me! It came in so quick, I would definitely order from them again. ♥


Travel Goals + Best YT travel vloggers

The one thing bad about adulting and having a job is restrictions. Do you have enough vacation days to travel, does your partner have enough vacation days or has the same as yours? My boyfriend and I work at a company, I try to keep where I work in private, we don’t have the same vacation days available so we’re saving up for somewhere big for next year. This year we’ll be doing something smaller like we did last year, I believe this year we will be traveling to California and maybe New York. I can not wait to do so!! I haven’t traveled much, not even in the states, now that i’m getting older, I need to start living a little more lol. One of the main reasons of us wanting to travel is FOOD. I’m such a foodie, I want to taste and do reviews and of course we want to do some sight seeing and some shopping but most of all, We want to escape from it all. One of my biggest inspirations is a youtuber called, Fun For Louis. If you haven’t checked out his videos, please do. I love his vlogs and his taste for adventure.

Where we want to travel to:

United States:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Puerto Rico
  • Manhattan, New York

Outside of the United States:

  • Japan
  • Indonesia

My Top 6 Picks for Best YT Travel Vloggers:


Mark Weins

Shu (Beauty related videos/She hasn’t posted much travel logs lately, but it’s still worth watching♥)

Tess (Also with beauty and ootd related videos)




Ouch. ;(


In the picture above, I have my go to anti-itch and calming cream along with the glam glow minis-Supercleanse and Thirstycleanse daily clearing cleanser (mattifying and hydrating) and a full size Thirstycleanse daily hydrating cleanser. All of these can be used daily. My skin ranges from a combination of dry and oily, or sometimes dry. It just varies. I was going to post a thorough review of the pictured items but…that stopped dead last night. Last night was my 3rd or 4th day using the supercleanse mattifying (white jar) Maybe I should have switched up the products, and used the hydrating cleanser..who knows..all I know was, after my shower my face was so dry. it was very itchy and red. My boyfriend tried it as well, his skin is more sensitive than mine so I didn’t really pay much attention, he just switched back to his normal cleanser. It did not do anything to my skin at first. Well…….here’s some awkward angles of my face.

photogrid_1486225246617photogrid_1486225187042 This was earlier this morning at the early times of 5 am when I woke up. last night there was redness all over, not as bad now but it still itches and a few white heads popped up 😦 it’s kind of hard to tell in the photos, but it’s there and it sucks. So, no makeup will be applied this weekend. I was so excited too, I have new goodies I wanted to try, but it’s best that I let my skin breathe and heal. After these photos were taken, I rushed to the nearest Wal-Mart to buy some Aveeno anti-itch cream. Has anyone tried these products and broke out? If so, please let me know. Have a good weekend lovelies.