Beauty Pickups ♥Juvia’s Place♥




Juvia’s made sure to bubblewrap the palette inside the box! HUGE Kudos to them! not to mention, they wrapped both palettes in bubblewrap and the box contained packing peanuts!♥


Masquerade Mini vs Nubian 2 palette.



Swatches courtesy of my boyfriend’s arm. 😛  The Masquerade Mini Palette, From Left to Right:


The color payoff in this palette, were so-so, if you can tell in the photo, most of the lighter or neutral shades didn’t swatch too well and maybe 2 of the brighter colors. I only swatched these shadows once. I wanted to show the true pigmentation of these. I did not use a base or any type of primer. These were also swatched with fingers and no brushes. Note that this palette is cheaper than the Nubian 2 palette, even though it has more shades, I’m assuming this is due to the pan sizes. Which is comparable in the photo above. I would say the pan sizes are about the same sizes as your standard MAC shadows.

Retail price- $30.00


The Nubian 2 palette, swatches from left to right:



The color payoff in this palette is amazing, Most of the shadows were swatched only once. There were 2 colors that I messed up swatching, so I ended up doing it twice, but otherwise these shadows within this palette is nothing short of amazing, I can’t wait to do a look with both of these palettes, My face has finally calmed down after the weekend (if you read my last post) Yay! Can’t wait to do one.

Retail price- $35

You can always catch a deal on these palettes and watch out for bundle deals, they have them on sale now! 

This company is cruelty free and most of their products are vegan! The only palette that is not is the Saharan Palette.

Ordering and Shipping-

I placed an order on January 27th and received my palettes on February 1st. That is amazing to me! It came in so quick, I would definitely order from them again. ♥



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