Saturday’s MOTD


The Deets-

I only had 30 mins to do my makeup. Lol🙊
@juviasplace Nubian 2 palette
Transition- Madagascar
Outer V- kenya
Crease- jezebel
Lid- Egypt
Under lash line-Mali
Lashes- Salon Perfect #614
Liner- @essencemakeup super slim liner
Brows- @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow in Chocolate @essencemakeup make me brow
Mascara- @maybelline volum express
Blush’ @wetnwildbeauty ombre blush The Princess Daiquiries @maccosmetics painted canyon
Lips- @stilacosmetics – patina

I seriously only had 30 mins to get my makeup done and 30 mins to dress and take makeup photos. My neighbors probably think I’m vain as heck because I’m snapping away in the front yard and also as we’re pulling off, with the FLASH ON! Lmao! I’m sure they think i’m a little selfie crazy, no worries, I just like taking makeup photos lol. Saturday was such a fun day, My boyfriend and I went to the movies in attempt to watch John Wick 2, which we both saw the first one on Valentine’s Day last time and loved the first one. When we arrived 2 other couples had walked out the theatre. There was no seats for us. That’s 6 people with no seats! Robinson was so frustrated, He had ordered ahead of time on Fandango as well as the other couple did. We ended up being able to switch to watch Lego Batman, which honestly was perfect, we were wanting to watch it next weekend anyways. I loved it! it was so funny and cute. It felt like more of a movie for the adults, not saying it was bad content for the kids, but it felt like a movie for the “big kids” and I’m certainly a big kid.We ended up going to the mall afterwards and I purchased some goodies from F21, Zumiez, and the Hanes Outlet! I did so much shopping, not just at the mall but on Amazon, But no more! lol, I usually don’t spoil myself so it felt good. Until next time, have a good day.



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