Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette+Sidenote

Hello Loves,

I’ve been absent on my journal and documenting my makeup looks, I haven’t really done any looks due to a passing in my family, forgive my absence but now I’m back, thank you for understanding. 


I’ve been wanting to try The Beauty Killer palette for so long, but I was so hesitant on purchasing the palette. Whenever Jeffree had his Winter Sale, I immediately added it to my cart along with 2 different liquid lipsticks in Crocodile Tears and Pumpkin Spice. When I received my package I was shocked! That palette is huge and so are the eyeshadows. Each Shadow weighs 2.52 grams each, which is very generous. These shadows should last you a long time, this palette is also permanent so don’t worry if you hit pan.

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I’m loving the red packaging for the liquid lipsticks!

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I’m loving the extraness with the little cleaver. 

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I love the detailing into the shadows.

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All swatches were done with fingers and only swatched once! I’m really impressed with the pigmentation, some of it feels a little dry or chalky but doesn’t apply chalky at all. I haven’t been able to do much makeup lately but I’ve used Courtney and China White for my go to look and I honestly can say that nothing beats those two colors for me, I will be posting looks with this palette once everything goes back to normal in life for me.

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Crocodile Tears and Pumpkin Spice swatched a little streaky, so I applied another layer to get a better photo of the colors. My only complaint with the these two is, it stays wet a little longer than what I want it to. but none the less, these two colors are gorgeous!



Ouch. ;(


In the picture above, I have my go to anti-itch and calming cream along with the glam glow minis-Supercleanse and Thirstycleanse daily clearing cleanser (mattifying and hydrating) and a full size Thirstycleanse daily hydrating cleanser. All of these can be used daily. My skin ranges from a combination of dry and oily, or sometimes dry. It just varies. I was going to post a thorough review of the pictured items but…that stopped dead last night. Last night was my 3rd or 4th day using the supercleanse mattifying (white jar) Maybe I should have switched up the products, and used the hydrating cleanser..who knows..all I know was, after my shower my face was so dry. it was very itchy and red. My boyfriend tried it as well, his skin is more sensitive than mine so I didn’t really pay much attention, he just switched back to his normal cleanser. It did not do anything to my skin at first. Well…….here’s some awkward angles of my face.

photogrid_1486225246617photogrid_1486225187042 This was earlier this morning at the early times of 5 am when I woke up. last night there was redness all over, not as bad now but it still itches and a few white heads popped up 😦 it’s kind of hard to tell in the photos, but it’s there and it sucks. So, no makeup will be applied this weekend. I was so excited too, I have new goodies I wanted to try, but it’s best that I let my skin breathe and heal. After these photos were taken, I rushed to the nearest Wal-Mart to buy some Aveeno anti-itch cream. Has anyone tried these products and broke out? If so, please let me know. Have a good weekend lovelies.


Wet n Wild Beauty Reviews♥


Wet n Wild has been in the makeup industry since 1979, The prices have remained incredibly low since the beginning of it’s launch. it was founded in NY, and was moved to Los Angeles, California. The brand has always been cruelty free, which is seriously brownie-points! You can find this brand online and in different drug stores such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Walmart etc. This is one of the many first brands I’ve ever had as a younger girl and definitely during my teenage years. Not to say that this brand only caters to the younger audience but this can cater to all different ages. I’ll be doing some reviews on my latest purchases. 20170128_134650-02-1

I would love to start out by reviewing the Photo Focus Foundation and Powder. 1 plus factor of this foundation that it has a spatula connected to the lid. This makes it easier than thumping the bottom of the bottle and pouring it on your fingers, brush, or beauty blender. The foundation has a thin creamy texture and applies evenly. This is a light to medium coverage and is build-able. It did have a slight smell, not a chemical smell but something like wax. It’s not bad but it’s there. I did find myself needing some concealer and this did sink into my pores which I was not a fan of. I did use a primer before applying this foundation. You can see a before and after photo below: There isn’t any filters applied and both were taken in daylight. 


My skin in my opinion isn’t that bad, I have some imperfections and I do have 3 pimple spots. You can see them in the right photo, one on my chin, right next to my eyebrow and one on my left cheek. The foundation was not forgiving on my imperfections and made my skin look a little rough. Did it last for 8 plus hours? Yes, did it melt off? No. Will I try it again? Yes, I might need to try a different type of primer but my skin doesn’t look this bad usually with foundation on. Now onto the powder, What I didn’t like about it was…it was POWDERY. when I swirled my powder brush into the product, it went everywhere. You could see a powder cloud around the compact while I swirled. It did do it’s job on the skin but I just did not like how it made somewhat of a mess. it felt really cheap.

Photo Focus Foundation- $5.99 Photo Focus Powder- $4.99


The Megaglo Illuinating Palette in Catwalk Pink is huge, it has 11.5 grams of product in it which is the same amount of product in a MAC sculpt and shape powder. The palette has 4 sparkly shades which range from a white gold, light pink, dark rose shade and then a gold. It does blend well, I used all 4 shades on my cheeks pictured above and as my cupid’s bow as well. I only used the white gold on the tip of my nose,  Which honestly there’s not much of a difference. is it worth it? It’s not one of those over the top “blinding” highlights but the payoff is there. I think it’s a good highlighter but I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite. I feel good about it, it is sitting inside my makeup bag. I also purchased the cushion highlight illuminateur. Which I will do a review soon.

Megaglo Illuminating Highlight Powder- $4.99 

The Color Icon Eyeshadows  , I really don’t need to do much of an introduction to their shadows, they’ve been around for a long time and I’m never disappointed in them. They have a really good color pay off and I never regret buying them ever. The only thing about their shadows-a lot of them are shimmery. but still has a strong swatch. They’re affordable and if you don’t want the bigger palette, they have small individual shadows  or the 3 eyeshadow trios.  and finally, my wrap up for this review is the gel lip liners, they are so pretty! They glide on so effortlessly and is crazy-pigmented. I love them. and they are not hard, they go on softly. The Color Icon lip gloss are a little sticky but nothing too much where it was uncomfortable or annoying. I think overall it’s something I would repurchase.

  • (8 shades) Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection- $4.99
  • Individual Shadows $0.99 (holy cow!!)
  • (3 shades) Color Eyeshadow Trio- $2.99
  • Color Icon Lip Gloss- $2.99
  • Gel Lip Liners-$2.99

Overall, the products were so-so but good enough to keep! I hope you enjoyed this review, see you soon lovelies!


Good Morning, MOTD/ Smashbox Review!


Smashbox Cosmetics, We’ve all heard about this brand before. From their dazzling palettes, to their well known primer, now in Spray form! Their biggest collection out right now is a collaboration featuring Shay Mitchelle for their cover shot palettes, I want them all! the pigmentation in those shadows are amazing, I barely had enough room to swatch them all and they’re selling out like hot cakes. They only had a few left of every palette at ULTA. But, as of right now I’m here to review 3 items.

Step by Step Contour Stick Trio– Retails at $45

In a pack comes 3 shades.  Highlight, Contour, and Bronzer. I did use all three, but I’ve been using these sticks for about 3 weeks now, and I will say, I use mostly the highlight and contour. These glide on so effortlessly  and the texture is quite creamy and blends so well. A little goes a long way.  The pencils are long and are chubby. A sharpener is also included in the packet. I really recommend their Contour Sticks.

Studio Skin 15 Hour Hyrdating Foundation– Retails at $42 

The foundation is on the thinner side but covers so well, it’s definitely build-able but not so much that you have to pack it on. This is a medium to full coverage foundation. This foundation looks amazing in any type of lighting. I was surprised to see how well it photographed. It looks like skin, feels like skin. This doesn’t feel tacky or feel heavy at all. I can tell the difference between, just for comparison my Milani Conceal+Perfect 2 in 1 foundation,    Their foundation is a full coverage foundation, it’s a flawless foundation but it doesn’t give the natural skin look and feels a bit tacky at times, even though it’s one of my favorites, I end up switching to my Smashbox foundation or! Even better, i’ll do a little mixology and mix the two together and blend it into my skin using a beauty blender. Give this foundation a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Be Legendary Long Wear Lip-Lacquer– Retails at $24

Is it tacky? not really, slightly but not enough to complain, kiss proof? No. does it give a stain on the lips? absolutely. I found myself only reapplying once hours later. I ate, drank and wore it out running errands, and it still looked great later on in the evening. The shade I have on is Firecracker, a classic red color. Now, it did bleed a little, you can see in the photos above, what could fix this is a clear wax lip liner.

I hope you enjoyed the post and review!




Lovely New Items



Seeing any product with the cruelty free symbol makes my heart flutter.♥

Have you tried any of Gerard Cosmetic’s lippies? Cherry bomb and Grape crush has a metallic sheen with a bit of glitter mixed to it.  Both are liquid lipsticks that have great color payoff, but while sipping my drink, my lipstick did smear on the sides, and it did leave lip marks on the glass. If you’re feeling festive, Cherry Bomb is a nice addiction to wear during the holiday season. For a bold and daring look, Grape Crush would be your best option. This liquid lipstick is enough to turn heads but not scare anyone off. I believe this shade will suit anyone. The final shade is Blooming Hibiscus which is a supreme lip creme that slides smoothly on the lips. This is a great color for casual looks and for me, everyday.


Beauty Review : Gerad Cosmetics


Hello Lovebugs! here’s  a review on 4 Gerad Cosmetics lippies I purchased. Gerad cosmetics also known as Whitening Lightning, has a range of different beauty products, from b.b. creams (which i’m kinda dying to try!) brow bars, and whitening products. I haven’t tried any of their products until I recently heard of their recent collaboration with youtube star, Jaclyn Hill. They teamed up to make an awesome 90’s reminiscent shade in “1995” a mauve color and also a coral-pink lipgloss in “Rosehill” which I both purchased. Both colors are beautiful! in addition of those 2 colors, I grabbed my hands on Cherry Cordial lipstick and Seduction lipgloss….OMG. need I say more? This is a perfect combination together. if you’re into darker shades I definitely suggest these last two I mentioned. as a lipstick, it glides onto my lips smoothly. it’s not drying at all and the color by itself is gorgeous. The lipgloss is a little sticky but nothing I can’t handle. The packaging is not ony beautiful, but it’s also helpful by the mirror on the side, and with a light hidden under the cap. At a party, lounge, or nightclub? No worries, the light and mirror is to your aid! I wasn’t at any of those locations and it still helped me! haha (restaurant for me ;P ) I also wanted to say how fast I received my purchases. it came in within a couple of days to a week. They always have different promotions and sales going on. and there’s lots of beauty gurus who offer discount codes.


From left to right: Rosehill (lipgloss) , 1995 (lipstick) both colors created by Jaclyn Hill. Seduction (gloss) and Cherry Cordial (lipstick)


Love Always,