Kick Push♥ The Weekend Pickups-

Does anyone remember this song? When Lupe Fiasco’s first album Food and Liquor came out, I was obsessed. I’ve always wanted to learn how to skate, but I was so scared of getting hurt, I still am. But, I know in the back of my mind, it’s going to happen. I’m going to have bruises and scrapes but hopefully I don’t give up. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Zumiez to pick out a board for me, of course I had one in my mind already, the Sanrio collab with Girl, that came out awhile ago:


Today, I went to Zumiez once again in Nashville and bought myself a nice pair of skate shoes from Lakai. Be aware that these are men shoes hehe, so if you’re a girl, look up the size online or try them out for yourself in the store. My boyfriend also got a deck from Blind:


His came with a red stocking that is sitting on the floor next to him on the right. His was on sale from Christmas, I thought it was cute how the stocking was big enough for the board. Here goes my adventure with learning how to skate, he’s going to be teaching me so let’s go! And by the way, I already busted my ass. Lol! And guess who’s gf got their first skateboard? Louis from FunforLouis on youtube, He’s making me want to visit California so much more, it just looks so pretty and honestly, she’s doing so much better than me, hopefully I gain more confidence getting on the board. hehe.