Happy New Year Loves! A look back pt I

I’m so excited for our new year! How did everyone’s new year go? I hope well. Mine, was planned to party with a friend, but of course I got sick and my bed was my best friend! lol, with so much catching up to do on my blog, I thought it would be a swell idea to start with this entry. (I’m still back-dating my entries, be patient loves!)

If anyone knows me, they know I truly adore vintage. Whether it’s the times, looks, style, or actually house pieces. I love anything vintage. When I heard His Vintage touch was coming to Nashville, aka Tony Medina, my heart sang!


Event flyer from 2016

I told my Mother and invited a friend and was like we’re going! I drove to Nashville and attended his class. OMG- It was set inside a cute vintage boutique and I loved every single second of it. Let’s introduce Mr. Medina, even though I know I don’t have to.


Tony Medina♥ ( I do not claim to own any of his photos)

Tony, has styled some celebrities such as Lil Kim, Lilly Ghalichi and has done commercial work as well. He’s a very charming and talented individual. He also has plenty of Cali swag, which I adore! When I think of Tony, I think of overalls, hairspray, and beautiful hairstyles. Now that I did an introducing to Mr. Medina, it’s onto the class. During the class, we were instructed not to do any recordings but if we wanted to photograph the finished look, we were more than welcome to.


Look 1 was inspired by Betty Grable. 


Look 2, I don’t quite remember who this look was inspired off of, but this reminds me of

Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe in How to marry a Millionaire. 


Look 3 was inspired by which I believe Veronica Lake. so pretty♥

Tony with the lovely ladies.

from left to right:

Tony and I, his best friend that is a fantastic hairstylist Esther , and Jennifer a well-known youtuber  by the name of  A Vintage Vanity  .

It’s so funny that this event happened months ago but my heart is racing and I’m as excited as the moment that happened. I loved this event and it was really fun. I can not wait until the next show of his. ♥



It was a magical day…

In Nashville, lays a beautiful estate with magical gardens and an art museum. Cheekwood, is wonderful for the soul and eyes. When you drive through the neighborhood to get there you’re in awe of homes, lavish cars and the sway of scenic route. Once you’ve parked you’re immediately greeted by the hint of spring, and bright colors of nature.Once inside, you’ll need to visit the guest center to buy your tickets, which range, depending on your age group.  Not only does Cheekwood offer you beautiful scenery, it is also available to rent out for weddings, corporate events, and also caters to special photography for weddings and other special occasions. Now, on with the photos.

It was a magical day…

DSC05507These photos I’m about to share with you simply don’t do the justice of this place. I really recommend coming here to experience nature intimately. No tour guides unless you want one, just your own mind and pace to see its beauty.