Dear Carlos Valdes, CW/Warner Bros


Ever since I saw the article of Carlos Valdes being mentioned of  him co-staring in The Flash and Arrow, I noticed something..He looks a lot like Robinson, my cute ass boyfriend. I did a double take while scrolling through the article, I thought it was Rob! and Yes, darling I opened my eyes. ♥  I was like oh my goodness, Hubby this looks like you!! He laughed and said yes, it does embarrassingly. (He gets embarrassed easily sometimes) Especially when I get excited when I see something that reminds me of him, He usually laughs and kisses my forehead saying “I love you, silly ass” With that being said….

Dear Cw/Warner Brothers and Carlos Valdes,

Carlos, if you ever need a body double, or a possible brother-relative role in the series, I GOT YOU.  I know, you have Dante already…but Rob…Rob can easily pass as your long lost cousin, or possibly…long lost brother. You both look somewhat alike and can easily being identified or mistaken for siblings in real life. If you don’t believe me…Just look for yourself!



They’re both of Hispanic descent. His goofiness, mannerisms and how he gets excited and uses his hands while speaking..I’ve seen some of his interviews for the show, it’s so funny how they’re somewhat alike! But of course when I said that to Rob, he was like “It’s a Puerto Rican thing” lol


This side by side picture, really does it for me. The eyes, lips, the nose is a little different. but my goodness!


Whenever, we first started talking as friends-possible lovers, He looked just like this, short hair and everything. My cutie!

The only thing is, Rob has a undercut. But it’s long enough to disguise it as a regular cut. Earth 2? Earth 2 Cisco/Vibe? 😛

What do you think, could they pass as relatives? I think so. I hope you enjoyed this silly post, I could not help myself!

Disclaimer: I do not own the above photos or gifs  of Carlos Valdes. Rob’s, on the other hand…I own them 😛 Images were found on google search-tumblr.




My Funny Valentine…




Sweet comic valentine,
You make me smile with my heart.

I hope everyone had a splendid Valentine’s Day weekend. I had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend, Robinson. Such a handsome lad, isn’t he?  So, this passed Saturday, He surprised me with tickets to the planetarium. We attended two different showings, the first one leading up to “Skies over Nashville” and  The Beatles laser show which included a nice play list of songs! The music show was a favorite of ours. Even though it did feel a bit rushed. For dinner, we ate at Two Ten Jack, a Nashville ramen house. The food was great and so was the atmosphere minus the rude host. I’ve noticed how much of a foodie and critic Robinson and I have grown to be. It’s another activity that we bond over. Enjoying different foods and trying new things. When I first met this handsome man, He never had Thai tea or pho and most of Laotian and Thai cuisine. I slowly introduced him by bringing him to Oriental Express which is great by the way, if you’re ever in Murfreesboro, TN. The moment he laid eyes on that silver bowl of pho, he fell in love. and immediately dove into it. Even though he didn’t add one single condiment to the soup. The Thai tea he held back a little, and it was due to the color. That bright orangeish-creamy delight. But once I assured him of the taste, he’s never been able to not order it. After dinner, we snuck over to Jeni’s. 10 minutes before closing, I’m sorry forgive us! But there was quite the crowd in the seating area, so we didn’t feel as bad, plus we bought pints so they wouldn’t have to clean up. This ice cream  parlor was beautiful inside, It was refreshing to see such a beautiful shop. The interior made me feel all gitty inside, and as I inched closer to the counter my eyes slowly widen with the array of different flavors with beautifully handwritten signs.  We ended leaving with Churro and Green Mint Chip ice cream.


They give out free pencils and postcards and mail them for free if you want to fill one out!

Sunday’s date:

Sunday morning started off with breakfast, Flash, cuddling, and folding laundry. Perfect morning. I’ve never felt so relaxed as I did today. Later on in the evening, It was my turn to take out my hunny. We both wore Deadpool attire and laughed endlessly at the movies. He’s been dying to watch this movie for such a long time and it didn’t disappoint. We were supposed to go and eat dinner but being as it is Sunday, we would have to return to work tomorrow, boo! This concludes my Valentine’s Day weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful day.

vday weekend