Travel Goals + Best YT travel vloggers

The one thing bad about adulting and having a job is restrictions. Do you have enough vacation days to travel, does your partner have enough vacation days or has the same as yours? My boyfriend and I work at a company, I try to keep where I work in private, we don’t have the same vacation days available so we’re saving up for somewhere big for next year. This year we’ll be doing something smaller like we did last year, I believe this year we will be traveling to California and maybe New York. I can not wait to do so!! I haven’t traveled much, not even in the states, now that i’m getting older, I need to start living a little more lol. One of the main reasons of us wanting to travel is FOOD. I’m such a foodie, I want to taste and do reviews and of course we want to do some sight seeing and some shopping but most of all, We want to escape from it all. One of my biggest inspirations is a youtuber called, Fun For Louis. If you haven’t checked out his videos, please do. I love his vlogs and his taste for adventure.

Where we want to travel to:

United States:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Puerto Rico
  • Manhattan, New York

Outside of the United States:

  • Japan
  • Indonesia

My Top 6 Picks for Best YT Travel Vloggers:


Mark Weins

Shu (Beauty related videos/She hasn’t posted much travel logs lately, but it’s still worth watching♥)

Tess (Also with beauty and ootd related videos)